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0-ring, ring, rubber ring, divided into 0-ring NBR NBR, NR natural rubber 0-rings, neoprene rubber 0-ring, EPDM EPDM rubber 0-ring, HNBR hydrogenated nitrile rubber 0-ring, SILICOME silicone 0-ring, FKM (VITON) fluorine rubber 0-ring, FLS fluorine rubber 0-ring, PU polyurethane 0-ring, rubber ring joint pipe card, card connector rubber pipe flange ring, rubber ring joints mechanical links, Groove Tube rubber ring.
Rubber seal, seal of the device requirements, hydraulic seal leakage problem is to solve the most important and most effective means. If the adverse hydraulic system seals, sealing rings may be allowed outside the leak, leakage of oil will pollute the environment; allow air into the suction chamber may also affect the performance of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic components of the implementation of the smoothness of movement . Therefore, rational selection and design of seals in the hydraulic system of the device design is very important, on the sealing device requirements are as follows:
1. Seals in the working pressure and a certain temperature range, should have good sealing performance, and as the pressure increases to automatically improve sealing performance.
2. Sealing device and the friction between moving parts is smaller, the friction coefficient to stabilize.
3. Ring corrosion resistance difficult to aging, long working life, wear resistance, and wear a certain extent, after the automatic compensation.
4. Simple structure, easy maintenance, so seals have a longer life.
0-rings, seals, rubber seals of various types of complete specifications and excellent quality, high and low pressure can also be customized according to user needs for use in ultra-high temperature seals, welcome old and new users to the various samples kinds of 0-rings, seals, rubber seals. Advanced technology we will provide you with good service.

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